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Our Story

Raising Disciples-Church Planting

The Waipahu congregation is a third generation fellowship church, tracing its roots to Prescott via the Yuma, Arizona church.  Don and Waverly Taylor, both marines stationed in Yuma, were saved and discipled there and sent to Hawaii in 1990-2012 to plant a new church targeting marines.  They opened in Kaneohe where the marine base is located. 


God began to move. Young men and women, both military and civilian, began to respond, and the church thrived with converts and disciples.  Over time, the church moved leeward to the Waipahu area, where it is located today. A very diverse congregation, the church reflects the military/islander/Asian blend that is Hawaii.


Several churches have been planted from Waipahu - in the islands, several cities in the mainland and an overseas work in Spain.  Our vision is to continue to reach our city and island with  the gospel, build strong marriages and families, disciple men who have a call to preach, and send couples into the harvest field. 

Leadership Pastors

Pastor Wayman & Nelda Mitchell



Pastor Joe & Annette Zeable

Yuma, Arizona

(Mother Church)

Pastor Greg & Lisa Mitchell

Prescott, AZ

(Fellowship Leaders)

Our Pastor


Pastor Dan Jones and his wife Jodee count it a great privilege to serve here in Waipahu. Ordained in January of 1996, Pastor Jones and his family have gone on to serve congregations in Phoenix, AZ and in Las Vegas, NV. They have also served as missionaries for nearly 6 years in Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, South Africa.


They are very grateful for the valuable experiences God has given them throughout these important times of ministry. Arriving here in Hawaii in February of 2017, their vital work now continues. Faithfully proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ remains their highest priority. They look forward to meeting you and your family very soon!

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